Monday, August 27, 2012

White Driver and Big Red Grips

As my obsession with the game takes hold of me again, I am finding my 'need' for equipment is increasing. 

A sick day Friday led me to Golfsmith where I was able to swat range balls at an electronic screen with a bright white R-11S.  The computer seemed to think I hit the thing a touch north of alright.

$300 dollars later, I was talking to the pro shop about re-shafting my Titleist 906F fairway metal and getting new grips on all the irons and wedges.  Now my irons will have some fancy Winn synthetic soft oversized grips and my wedges have even bigger grips with one other change - they are bright red.  

That is right, bright red for the scoring clubs.  Now let’s see if they can remember their job.

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