Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Been a while...

I had forgotten about this blog.  I really had the bug back when I used to post here.

Well life is funny.  It shows up and derails plans and shift interests.  I have continued to play over the last five years, but never with the same focus.

It dawned on me when my wife offered to have my clubs re-gripped for me as a present a few months ago.  I thought it was a nice idea and would have liked to have had it done, but I never followed up and my Cleveland TA2 irons have the same grips they had last year (and a few years before that). 

Contrast that small non-story to my getting the same clubs re-gripped six years ago.  Back then I had a golf pro friend who took me behind the counter and re-gripped my clubs with me to avoid dropping them off overnight or for the two-three days it took to turn them around.  Not only that, I only agreed to do it after hitting two large buckets and was positively crushed when he told me they needed to sit 24 hours to dry and set.  What was I supposed to do for 24 hours without golf clubs!?

Like I said, life is funny and my interests have changed. 

Then I found out I was going to have a son.  Most soon to be parents know their life is really going to change and that free time will certainly vanish.  I thought that my son will certainly extinguish my already faded commitment to a time consuming game. 

But then, why am I posting on an ancient blog about golf?

To my own surprise, I started sacrificing to play golf again.  I get up at 5 am on weekends to play and get home in time to make my wife breakfast.  I started doing it Saturdays and have recently been able to get out Saturday and Sunday.  I am walking with my friend or getting out as a single and just playing. 

Golf is the greatest game there is and I want to share that with my son someday.  I just needed to go figure it out again for myself.  Now if I can get my handicap from six years ago back...

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