Monday, December 12, 2005

Monday, Monday…

After a cold weekend that allowed just enough sun to play a few chilly rounds, I thought I’d report that the fade I wrote about last week in, “The Secret to Golf” was a smashing success. In the words of Tiger, Ranger Rick made an appearance on the golf course. It was the new shot in my bag that left me with two things to think about this Monday.

The first thing is a sense of concern. You see, usually my ‘secrets’ work on the range and fail spectacularly on the golf course. Sometimes, they are discovered on the golf course, and cease to work immediately after the 18th hole. Either way, they never successfully migrate from one to the other. With those two truisms demolished, I am left questioning: what I am to make of this? More importantly, can I trust it?

The second is yet another lesson from this mysterious game. Ironically, the fact I was able to move the ball from left to right (almost at will) did not help my score at all. I found myself tasting a little success and then, like a freshman at a kegger, unthinkingly trying to gulp down the rest. I found a way justify a fade on every iron shot and ended up leaving myself in a lot of bad positions.

Sidebar: I thought about a Greek tragedy/hubris reference in that last paragraph. Then I thought about tying it to the Greek system/kegger reference. By the time I thought better of it, I figured enough work had gone into it to expound here in italics. The lesson for anyone reading this: never read the italics.

Getting back on point, despite an average round on the card and a mystery left to solve, I am happy. After all, I woke up on a cold Monday excited about golf. What more can I ask?

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