Thursday, December 15, 2005

Golf Review Rant

So I was trolling the threads on Golf Review this morning at work. You have to love productivity. While reading the various posts I stumbled upon a few about Callaway irons in the great cavity verses blade debate of the day. It seems that same debate rears its head twice a week on golf forums; however, there is never any shortage of opinions.

So here is mine: I don’t care whether a player likes cavities or blades. I’m pretty sure that a good swing is a good swing and a bad swing is a bad swing, but I could be wrong. So, I don’t care. What I do care about are some of the brands and the reasons people choose them. In particular, I care about Callaways.

I admit it; I cannot stand Callaways. I call them shovels, I lift my nose, and I find any excuse I can to put them down.

Devil’s Advocate: Why? There are plenty of clubs out there that are every bit as thick soled, and forgiving. Why do Callaway irons hold a special place in the blackness of your heart?

Me: Well, truthfully, I wasn’t sure. The feeling was so visceral I just went with it until today.

Devil’s Advocate: (now playing the role of my much needed shrink) What happened today?

Me: While I was reading this morning, I finally stumbled upon the reason. Callaways are extremely expensive.

Devil’s Advocate: Well, so are a lot of other brands, and you don’t hate them.

Me: That is true, but Callaway combines a big price tag with customers that endlessly talk about the performance of the clubs being paramount in their decision to buy them.

Devil’s Advocate: Shouldn’t performance matter when selecting a club?

Me: You bet your ass. My real problem is that the extra expense has nothing to do with performance. Like I said before, any number of clubs offer the forgiving cavity back style and thick heel of a Callaway for a fraction of the cost.

I never hear anyone with Callaway irons claim they bought them because they thought they were “sweet.” I never hear anyone say, these things are “money,” or “don’t they look bad-ass.” They always say something to the effect of, “I just hit these better,” or “they looked great at address and boosted my confidence.”


In their hearts, they love the logo, love the name, and probably love the ‘performance.’ Why can’t they say, I spent 1,100 bucks on them because they are so freakin’ awesome? Why cover it up with how pure their love of the game is and their desire to play better golf?

No shit, they want to play better golf? What a surprise, I thought the more strokes the better. All this time and I had no idea. Oh course they want those things from their clubs, but they cannot admit that on top of it, they want some Callaways because Lefty’s got them.

Why not? I can’t afford it, but I want a Scotty Cameron because Tiger has one. I’m pretty sure that it won’t help my putting to the tune of the extra 200 bucks but screw it, the thing is sweet. It is money. I would buy it, pull head-cover off and show it to my friends so I could feel good about it. It may not be pure, but the feeling is genuine.

Callaway owners of the world unite. Throw off the pompous, holier-than-thou, rhetoric about performance and stand up. Stand up and shout, “I love these things, they cost a ton, and you wish you had them too!”

I would still think they look like garden tools you bought at the Sharper Image, but at least you could respect yourself in the morning.


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